Mother's own is the body of work, most personal to tyler ki-re. using artwork painted by her own mother, ARTIST SHARON JACOBS. It explores the personification of the 2d. bringing the acrylic paint off the canvas.
"Crux" - defined as the hardest moves or sequence of a rock climb. This project, being the first of 2022- symbolizes not only the climb and triumph into the year ahead, but symbolizing the journey that made it. With a standard climbing gym as the foreground, the models will be adored in high fashion, editorial hair, and fine makeup. Referencing the rising of ashes and embarking onto the new.
MWM S21/22
MWM S21/22 is the latest collection from designer Marcus W. Meisel, focusing in leather and harness wear. Meisel approached Tyler Ki-Re to sit as the brands Creative Director & Photographer. With this being the first collection by Meisel, Tyler Ki-Re's main focus was showcasing the feeling of an introduction. Using the opening of suitcases, doors, and entry points as a representation of what's to come for the brand.
Intimacy of dread is exploring the depths and tales of women going through the familiarity that is love, grief, and pain. 6 different women in 6 different environments, portraying varying elements of the healing process. Inspired by "Chicago" women of the cell block tango.
Inspired from Spike Lee's "Crooklyn"- Tyler Ki-Re set out to capture the organic nostalgia one gets from old family photos on film, through the lens of her digital camera. "Building Blocks" is the representation of what made us. The historic Block party, that built us.
With a past passion for Digital collaging, "Inter- Web" sought out to be the bridge between that and the monotony of viewing everything on our screen during the pandemic of 2020. Multitasking with numerous windows and applications open- Inter-Web creates symphony in the chaos. With the addition of music and playing with monochromatic features- Find composition in the everyday desktop.
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